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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the 3686 Festival Refund Policy?

For 2021 Ticket Holders, we will issue refunds the week of August 9, 2021. Refunds will take up to 7 business days to process. If you have not received your refund by August 23, 2021, please email 3686@launchtn.org.

What topics does 3686 Festival cover?

Given our diverse audience of founders, startups, investors, corporate representatives, and government officials that help us build both the 3686 community and the LaunchTN statewide ecosystem, topics range from tactical approaches to business-building and investment, market trends and industry updates, and methods of building impactful and innovative startup ecosystems. Stay in touch with us to learn more details about the 2022 agenda when it is released!

What is Brella’s AI-powered matchmaking and how is it featured at 3686?

Brella’s AI-powered matchmaking is a platform to curate connections based on personal or professional interests and ensure you can get suggestions for the most relevant meetings on the ground at 3686 — whether you’re an investor looking for deal flow, a founder meeting others in your industry, or anywhere in between. Those who purchase this added feature will be invited to Brella’s platform ahead of 3686 in September, and will be able to have connections curated for them to meet at a designated space in our event footprint, or set up meetings elsewhere.

My company would like to sponsor 3686. Is there a way to submit our interest?

We would love to work with you to partner on this year’s event. All interested partners may submit sponsorship inquiries here.

I would like to volunteer at 3686 Festival.

We are accepting volunteers to be 3686 Social Media Ambassadors (ie., creating, promoting, or sharing 3686 content leading up to and/or during the festival. We're also accepting traditional volunteers for helping out around venues, interacting with guests, and making sure speakers have the best possible 3686 experience.

We ask that you give us two four-hour shifts to receive a festival pass.

Please fill out the form to submit your desire to become an ambassador and we will reach out to you about 2 weeks before the festival to secure your ticket and schedule!

Will 3686 Festival 2022 have any opportunities for virtual attendance?

Stay in touch with us to learn more details about the 2022 agenda when it is released.

Is there a difference in the Entrepreneur, Investor, or Ecosystem Builder passes at registration?

All 3686 passes guarantee general admission to all 3686 venues and affiliated events during the festival for speaker content and networking. The different passes simply help us gather different information on our audience subgroups that is used to guide 3686 content development and programming.

I want to speak or know someone who would like to speak at 3686. Is there a way to submit my interest and information?

All interested speakers may submit to be included in onstage content via our speaker nomination form.

What public health guidelines will 3686 follow at the event?

3686 and Launch Tennessee are committed to ensuring event participants may take in all 3686 has to offer in a safe and comfortable environment. The event will follow all city, state, and federal guidelines regarding live events, as well as CDC best practices.

I have a question that is not addressed on this page.

Contact us at 3686@launchtn.org for more information!

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